Slides from ResearchED York. 9 July 2016

Reference lists, draft chapters from The Emotional Learner and other bits and bobs can be found here.



3 thoughts on “Slides from ResearchED York. 9 July 2016

  1. bocks1

    Fascinating (and the links). Have you got your presentation from today scripted? I’d love to see your thinking running alongside!

  2. bocks1

    Bugger! Thought not …. I have my training “scripts” (in the form of ppt and workbook) but rarely seem able to avoid the intuitive flow to digress, diversify and make alternative connections. However, I think it’s only natural when working with the best learners (teachers) to seek collaboration and dialogue above prescriptive courses.

    I am very interested in deepening and learning from the conversation about emotions, learning, attitudes and mind states (or sets come to that) and fascinated by the growth of brilliant and provocative thinking flourishing in social media currently. If only the antagonist responses of a few egos could be quelled it might afford more contributors the confidence to wade in without fear of ridicule which seems the modus operandi of some.

    Keep ’em coming Marc!


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